The Client

Al Hertz & Associates develops relationships with each client based on Al’s successes over  the past 33+years. Our goals and policies have been established in the most foolproof way  possible, through hard work and experience.

First and foremost, when you work with Al Hertz, you’re developing a long term relationship based on mutual respect and trust. We aren’t just looking to make as many individual  placements as possible. Instead, we’re working to make long term placements that will  contribute to the success of your team and company.

For over 20 years the emphasis has not been on finding good or bad candidates, but rather to focus on a good fit for the client, candidate and position.

Our focus on the long term leads to higher quality matches. We don’t focus on getting as many candidates as possible for an open position, we find a candidate who is truly going to suit the position.

When you work with us, we become an extension of your own marketing and industry relations  departments. We realize that our actions and behavior will reflect on our clients, so we are  highly professional and consider confidentiality to be essential. We are more than just a  recruiting company to our clients. When our industry knowledge and experience can provide  benefits to our clients, we are available for consultation and advice.

We recognize the significant cost involved in hiring, training and the cost of an unsuccessful hire. Therefore  we recognize that our performance and the performance of those we place with our clients will  directly impact our future potential business with a client. It is with an eye on that premise that  we seek to and take pride in the placement of candidates that can provide the greatest return on  our client’s investment.

For more information on how Al Hertz & Associates can be of service to you and your company,  please call (919) 290-2501 or send Al an email at